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2017 Camp Blog, Day 4: More Fishing

scenic view with eagle

It was another beautiful day, and with less wind than our first fishing day. We were lucky just to be out on the water, though—the cubic feet per second flow is 20,000 today. Without our expert guides paddling, it would be a dangerous and fish-less day. The consensus here at 4:30 pm is that most boats had a slightly tougher time catching fish than on day 1. One group saw a moose swim across the swollen, frigid river. The boat I was on caught a glimpse of a spring running into the main river; we could see through it like glass compared to the mud-chummed snow runoff we were casting in. No matter how hot or difficult, over half the kids always want to go back out and try one more stretch to win the contest or just to feel the thrill of setting the hook.

After chicken schnitzel and gravy, roasted vegetables, and some huckleberry ice cream, we awarded fish contest prizes. The same young man who was on the winning boat day 1 for the Lights Out award repeated, as he and his mentor caught 10 trout. Steve’s boat repeated for the “Friend of Whitey” award with 17 of them—a “mess” of whitey on a good day. The junior board’s own Martha Lee helped her mentee catch 35 inches of trout for the Hog award.

A young man led our devotional with a very personal focus. He had been bullied consistently at some of his schools, wondering why and struggling with a sense of self worth. At his new school, however, he is more appreciated, and is glad to have kept himself open to the kindness of others. He reflected on how important this camp experience was to making him see that there are great people and possibilities only if one doesn’t get bogged down by the bad ones.

After devotional, a fast moving Idaho rain shower came through. It looked like it had potential to soak us on the way to the cabins. ORT leadership quickly explained the early departure for Tetons tomorrow. As much as campers like to hang around by the fire, no one is disappointed, and we all feel the effects of the sun.

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