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In Their Own Words

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“The fact that I was chosen to go just meant the world to me.”
-12th grader, Big Oak Girl’s Ranch

“The kids were able to get out of their normal routine and experience a once in lifetime opportunity. The On River Time fishing trip opened the door to new friendships, new opportunities to serve, new positive memories”
-Wes Priest, Still Creek Ranch Resident Program Director

“I am really thankful. That was the best week of my life”
-8th grader, Big Oak Girl’s Ranch

“I made memories that will last a lifetime … My favorite things were waking up early and eating a good breakfast and then going fishing.”
-11th grader, Big Oak Boy’s Ranch

“You will never know what a difference you’ve made in some children’s lives. Thank you for caring and loving our kids.”
-Reagan Croyle Phillips, Big Oak Ranch Childcare Team Director

“I had such an amazing time. I will never forget this trip.”
-10th grade girl, On River Time alumnus and former resident of Big Oak Ranch

“Our Children who call Big Oak Ranch their home have ALL come from dysfunctional families and most of their early childhood memories are NOT positive. Thank you for your support and love for our children.”
-John Croyle, Founder of Big Oak Ranch

“I enjoyed getting to know you and loved our conversations. I can not wait to come back as a senior.”
-9th grader, Big Oak Girl’s Ranch

“It’s an experience that I will ALWAYS remember.”
-8th grader, Big Oak Boy’s Ranch

“Getting to fish, connect with other people, and see new things blew me away! The trip really touched my heart in many different things … If there is any way I can give back, I’d love to!”
-12th grader, Still Creek Ranch

“Thank you so much for the scholarship! It will help me get started with school. You are such a blessing in my life and have made a great difference in each one of our lives.”
-18 year old boy, On River Time Alumnus and Peer Leader, Big Oak Graduate

“Thanks for all the bus ride talks we had about school and other things.”
-12th grader, Big Oak Boy’s Ranch

“I had so much fun hanging out with you while we were fishing! As a first time fishing trip it was a blast no matter how many times we hooked each other! I thought we made a great team!”
-9th grader, Big Oak Girl’s Ranch

“It was awesome. The funnest (sic) thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so cool!”

“Watching the kids just seeing them bond and grow together was fantastic. The relationship that I have with my son was enhanced ten-fold. That was really special to me.”

“I had a great time. It was truly a blessing and an honor to be here. It’s more than I could have ever imagined. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and just to see all three of these boys grow not only as fishermen but to see them grow in their relationships and to be able to witness that was truly something special. I look forward to doing it in years to come.”
-Brodie Croyle, Executive Director, Big Oak Ranch
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