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June 2015 Trip Blog

Saturday, June 6

Group Shot

The Big Oak gang came in at around 5:00 p.m. They got settled in their cabins and prepared for dinner. The Lodge served us commendable grilled ribs and chicken. We were impressed: folks from AL and TX have high expectations for barbecue. …
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Sunday, June 7

Off They Go

Breakfast at the Lodge is proportional to the physical demands of a day on the water. They serve everything. We had blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, cream cheese danishes, etc., etc. By 7:30 it was time to meet up at the fly shop and assigning partners and guides. …
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Monday, June 8

Digging the Fire Pit

We had a French toast breakfast at the Lodge this morning. The team then discussed plans for the day to split into two groups to work on a new fire pit and clean the river dam, alternately. …
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Tuesday, June 9

Morning on the River

Another beautiful day on the river has begun. It is amazing to see how quickly the kids have learned their gear …
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Wednesday, June 10

The bus ride to Yellowstone is exciting as the landscape changes from mountain to potato field and then a different kind of mountain. As we entered Yellowstone …
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