The Best is Yet to Come!

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! From all of us at On River Time, we are so grateful for your support. 2019 was an incredible year for us. We couldn't have done it without you. And we know the best is yet to come!

We wrapped up the year with Christmas parties and the joy of giving. We were able to give all of our former campers gift cards. It was so great to be reunited with some of these campers we hadn't seen since June!


Christmas with Palmer Home

Christmas with Big Oak Ranch


Now that the new year is in full swing, so is our planning for the 2020 camps! We are looking forward to taking our four partner homes back to The Lodge at Palisades Creek in Irwin, Idaho starting May 28th. For these kids who have suffered abuse and neglect, the On River Time camp is life changing as described by Sarah Hollis with Palmer Home:

"To put it simply, the On River Time experience was transformational.  In less than a week’s span, I witnessed emotional walls crumble for one of our boys. He arrived reserved, if not guarded, hesitant to meet new people much less share intimate details about his past. But bit by bit, he got to know others- peers and adults- who were just like him. He didn’t have to hide who he was, and he didn’t have to explain his situation. They accepted him for who he was… because without saying a word they understood.


On River Time is truly “making it count” by being a catalyst to change perspectives and opinions of one’s self. And the impact didn’t end once we left the lodge in Idaho. The ripple effect of that change continues today on our campus.  This young man is more confident and secure in his abilities and what he has to offer. And he can’t wait to go back for another On River Time experience."

-Sarah Hollis, Sr. V.P. - Engagement Palmer Home for Children 


This is what YOU help us accomplish. You have helped to change lives and provide hope and healing to these beautiful kids who have overcome so much. Will you continue to cast hope and partner with us in 2020 and beyond?

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