Who We Serve - Lorenza's Story

Lorenza and her sister as little girlsWho are the children we serve? Read these words by Lorenza, a former On River Time camper, they will no doubt leave you inspired.

• B R E A K I N G T H E C Y C L E •

I was sitting in DC at the airport one early morning sipping on the usual, Mint Majesty Herbal Tea from Starbucks, while watching the planes come and go. I had over an hour to kill so why not enjoy the lovely sun peering through the windows shining down on this gorgeous Christmas tree? I don’t know what it was but something in that moment hit me, hit me so hard that I became very emotional.

I realized how blessed I am, to be where I am in this very moment in life.


For the first several years of my life I was a living in a nightmare. It was a nightmare because I experienced all kinds of abuse and neglect from my biological family members and their friends that came through the house... a lot.

I was just a child who did not deserve to go through what my siblings and I had to go through, we were so innocent. It lasted too long and the memories are very real to this day.

*Fast forward*

One fall morning my sister and I were taken away from our “home”. The social worker took us to a children’s home and ever since, it’s been HOME. We are blessed with the most amazing, godly, loving set of parents that we could ever ask for and more! They are our parents and have been for the past 15 years & counting! They have been so good to us, not just to us but also to all the other kids that have lived with us. I remember one time my mom said if she and my dad were to leave the children’s home, they would take us with them because we’re theirs and they’re mine.

They have been so supportive and encouraging to us from the start. They have been rooting for us to “break the cycle” that my biological family started and to be successful in life. Successful, not just in money but to have a wonderful career, a better life for ourselves and our future family (that’s a longtime from now, the whole family thing:)) They want the best for us, as parents should!

*Fast forward to the moment in DC*

I sat realizing how blessed I am along with the other kids from the children’s home to have so much love and support from this amazing organization & the parents who raised us!

Since moving in with my parents, I never had to worry if someone was going to hurt me again, physically or emotionally. I will never have to search all over a disgusting house for food (more like crumbs), or wake up with bruises on my body or see another person point a gun at me and my family.

It’s places like the children’s home and other organizations that get involved to empower and change our lives. Giving kids a second chance at life, to be the person they’re meant to be.

Giving us hope and a future.

Whether biological or not, family or friends, whomever it was that helped you grow and give you a second chance.... thank them. They did not give up on us, they saw potential and helped you at life along the way.

I thank God for blessing me with the people in my life that helped me get out of a horrible environment. To give me a second chance at life, to break the cycle that someone before me had set. I am not and neither are you meant for abusive, broken relationships that my biological and your family started.

No, we’re made for so much more. Don’t you dare let your past affect your future, no! You’re loved, people are rooting for you to be the best version of yourself! You are stronger than you think, you can break the cycle!


Lorenza holding fish she caught fly fishing with On River Time


Lorenza fly fishing on the Snake River On River Time


Lorenza gets her wings

Lorenza is proof that lives CAN be changed.

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 On River Time uses fly fishing as a tool to provide a dramatic pivot for a child who has suffered abuse and neglect. Through our fly fishing camps, the kids are reminded they have worth and value and that God has a plan for their lives.


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