On River Time


Brodie in a boat with a camper
Brodie in a boat with a camper
Brodie in a boat with a camper

The whole purpose of the On River Time trip is to create an environment that offers the opportunity to speak life into children who for so long received the opposite. Our children experience so much blessing at Big Oak Ranch, but sometimes in life we need a change of scenery to change our perspective. On River Time provides just that!”

-Brodie Croyle, Executive Director of Big Oak Ranch

“Everything about the On River Time experience is absolutely top notch… The message this send to boys and girls is one that is easy to wrap your hearts and minds around. They feel special and they feel valued. For kids who are not used to feeling that way, it is hard for them to believe someone cares enough about them to make this kind of opportunity a reality for them. It’s the kind of experience that can help not just to make a difference but the difference in the life of a hurting child. I hope you will choose to support this worthy cause.”

-Dr. Michael Garrett, Executive Director of Homes of Hope for Children

“I really am thankful. That was the best week of my life.” -8th Grader, Big Oak Ranch

“It was a trip that everyone would come back from and be pumped about, a ‘trip of a lifetime'. But I didn’t know what to expect. But then I got there and it was all so beautiful. It was amazing and so much fun and the people were so kind.”

- Autumn, former camper